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We're stronger together.

The GetUp Action Network is made possible by hundreds of volunteers and activists working together in Action Groups across the continent. 

And from marriage equality, to the campaign to end Tony Abbott’s 25-year reign in Warringah, we’ve been part of some of the biggest progressive achievements of the decade!

Why should you volunteer?

1. Create real impact: We do the strategic, long term work necessary to create lasting change.

2. Learn new skills: Do things you never thought possible, while learning from some of Australia’s leading activists.

3. Make friends: We’re a community with a shared passion for justice, and we’d love to meet you!

GetUp Action Hub

We have the power. If enough people get involved, we can change the way things are being done (Hannibal, Brisbane Action Group)

Volunteer Policy Manual

Every person who signs up to attend a GetUp Action Network event must agree to our Volunteer Policy Manual, which sets out the minimum behavioural standards to uphold.
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GetUp Action Hub