But standing in our way are a small number of hard right politicians who are blocking change for the better. That's why this election GetUp members are taking these wreckers on – going into seats they've held safely for many years.

We're harnessing the power of persuasive conversations and cutting-edge campaign tech to connect with voters on our shared values. Together we'll change what's possible this election.

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GetUp Yard Sign For Dickson

         With the federal election just around the corner, we have a huge opportunity to move towards a more fair, flourishing, and just Australia.Together, we want to create a permanent shift in Australia’s political and electoral landscape by unseating the worst hard right blockers of progressive politics and electing champions of progressive issues.But to do that, we need to persuade people in Dickson to vote to unseat Peter Dutton and rid us of the hard right blockers.And we've got just the way - by making sure that on the drive to work, while walking the dog or dashing to the supermarket - voters in Dickson know that if they want politicians who are on their side this election, don't vote Peter Dutton. Can you help spread the word by displaying a GetUp yard sign on your fence or in your window in the lead up to the election?    We'll deliver them to your door with cable ties to help display it (and help put it up if you like!). The signs 600mmx900mm. To sign up, just fill in your details - including your full address - on this page and we'll organise the rest. 

Kooyong Calling Parties!

The climate election is upon us and the seat of Kooyong is in play like never before. Our community is coming together to vote for progressive action.   Research and our own experience tells us that the only way to shift votes is to have one-on-one meaningful, persuasive conversations with voters.   Will you join us? We need all hands on deck. Now is the time and this is your chance to act: together we will make a difference. All you need is your phone and a pair of headsets. We will provide training, the company of like-minded volunteers and even snacks.Sign up to calling party calling in to Kooyong below: Surrey Hills, home calling party Wed April 17, 1-4pm https://action.getup.org.au/getup_call_party_surrey_hills_eywr6jhbexphodn29tvp5q Wed April 24, 1-4pm https://action.getup.org.au/getup_call_party_surrey_hills_sunl82jgi42zuaeikyjbha Wed May 1, 1-4pm https://action.getup.org.au/getup_call_party_surrey_hills_q5-dcr48xtbrrh_lade_6q Hawthorn Public Library Tues April 16, 6-9pm https://action.getup.org.au/higgins-kooyong_calling_party_16_apr Tues April 23, 6-9pm https://action.getup.org.au/higgins-kooyong_calling_party_23_apr Tues April 30, 6-9pm https://action.getup.org.au/higgins-kooyong_calling_party_30_apr Tues May 7, 6-9pm https://action.getup.org.au/higgins-kooyong_calling_party_07_may Tues May 14, 6-9pm https://action.getup.org.au/higgins-kooyong_calling_party_14_may   Carnegie Public Library Tues April 16, 6-9pm https://action.getup.org.au/getup_call_party_carnegie_67p7nse1qj7cx9slqngzgq Tues April 23, 6-9pm https://action.getup.org.au/getup_call_party_carnegie_kxqdgqvuatkhr38eip8fow Tues April 30, 6-9pm https://action.getup.org.au/getup_call_party_carnegie_x4nywnnxxffpbeh80xhhga Tues May 07, 6-9pm https://action.getup.org.au/getup_call_party_carnegie_qfrdeaxeg8w1yqrembfubw Kew, Brenda's home calling party Wed April 17, 5-8pm https://action.getup.org.au/getup_call_party_kew_rg5auuahp3ag9dmz-ncobw Wed April 24, 5-8pm https://action.getup.org.au/getup_call_party_kew_u7mzlapt_ld8o0fijenjga Wed May 1, 5-8pm https://action.getup.org.au/getup_call_party_kew_invmdot70ysjcban0-mgaq Wed May 8, 5-8pm https://action.getup.org.au/getup_call_party_kew_oql54w3o1200lzmtwerj9g     Kew, Peter's home calling party Wed April 24, 6-9pm https://action.getup.org.au/getup_call_party_kew_9uwewhu0yll5lhiwp-7dpa Wed May 1, 6-9pm https://action.getup.org.au/getup_call_party_kew_-yze6omf7_y5ugx1wkxnzq Wed May 8, 6-9pm https://action.getup.org.au/getup_call_party_kew_lmcdemcce6ohobbzpga_ag     Mont Albert, Alice's home calling party Tues April 16, 6-9pm https://action.getup.org.au/getup_call_party_mont_albert_xmiei8lsxrmd7dg5aqrtqq Tues April 23, 6-9pm https://action.getup.org.au/getup_call_party_mont_albert_lvhkyadlgmwekerdvtlzvq Tues April 30, 6-9pm https://action.getup.org.au/getup_call_party_mont_albert_fadxdc2ljfmjz4j3dspomg Tues May 7, 6-9pm https://action.getup.org.au/getup_call_party_mont_albert_nn2j3gonimrxoaooo2jwcg

Vicky's Monday Online Calling Parties

Join us on Monday nights to call voters in target electorates! "Meaningful Mondays" are hosted by Vicky- our Victorian organiser committed to leaving the world a better place for the next generation. Monday nights are going to take the time to delve deep in conversation and find out what really matters to voters in out target electorates. Monday nights are a masterclass in persuasive conversation under Vicky's guidance. Here's how it'll work. Once you RSVP you'll be sent an email with instructions on how to join the party. We meet online, and all you need is a computer with internet and your phone. You'll be walked through how to make good calls, how to use the calling tool, and given a script to follow. If you have any questions or problems during the calls a GetUp staff member will always be on hand to help. We know that person-to-person conversations are the most effective way to change voters minds. Let's work together to kick out our most hard-right politicians this federal election!

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