Each of us have a choice to make. We can sit at home alone, shouting at the TV about our wounded world. Or we can join together to heal it.

GetUp is ramping up a national movement of local Action Groups, to fight for a more fair, flourishing and just Australia. We need a new form of power that can challenge the self-serving corporations and right wing media with too much control over our democracy.

We are going to do the one thing they can’t - organise door to door, phone call to phone call. With people power.

Join our movement of people powered impact.

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Upcoming events

We will be making calls to unseat the worst hard right blockers of progressive politics and elect champions of progressive issues. At a local calling party you will get trained on how to have effective voter persuasion conversations and start Please bring your phone with you! Headphones are helpful to have, but not required. RSVP to join the largest grassroots effort in Australia! Capacity 7

Best Practice Recruitment Training

GetUp's Federal Election Plan is asking Action Groups to step up like they never have before. We are taking on the most hard right members of the Coalition, along with their money and their power! What we have, that they don't is people power! To reach out voter contact goals for  this election, we are going to have to make sure we are working to recruit our current members, and many more. Recruitment is not just an ask, or an invite to an event. It is a skill, maybe even an art form! This training is designed to help Action Group Recruitment Leaders, and other interested members, know how to best understand how to recruit new and existing members to calling parties!We will be looking primarily at how to best use Action Centre, to get the most out of it, but also a wider understanding of how to recruit using both traditional and new techniques. This training is what could really make the difference for your work this election and we are excited to see you there!  What: GetUp Best Practice Recruitment Training When: 7pm - 8pm AEDT, Wednesday February 20 Where: Online via Zoom

Host Support Team Debrief

Join your fellow national Host Support Team members over Zoom video call for a debrief session where we will discuss what's going well for us, what needs to be better and how we can improve our processes.  Bring along your questions and feedback for our Q&A session!

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