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Who we are

We believe in a fair, flourishing and just Australia – for all.

But a decade of failed political leadership has let our communities down and left people behind.

The GetUp Action Network is a home for anyone who's ready to make real change possible by joining and leading Action Groups right across the country.

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We're building power to win

We unite behind campaigns on critical issues we care about, like climate action, first nations justice and protecting our democracy, where and when it matters most.

And we know that when enough every-day people band together to stand up against vested interests, we can win.


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Our Story

We launched the GetUp Action Network in 2017 to take GetUp's impact to the next level.

Since, ordinary people like you have had hundreds of thousands of powerful conversations with fellow citizens on critical issues. 

And from Marriage Equality, to the campaign to end Tony Abbott’s 25-year reign in Warringah, we’ve been part of some of the biggest progressive achievements of the decade!



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How we make change

To win lasting change, we need to organise. 

We build public support for our issues in strategic places by having persuasive conversations that shift hearts and minds.

We build our movement by empowering new activists to raise their voice. 

And together, we force decision makers to pay attention with powerful actions. 

Take action now!
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Our Team

Kaz | Lead Organiser | she/her
Kaz is our Lead Organiser. With roots in the Philippines, her organising approach is grounded in decolonisation; intersectional, heart-centred leadership; and community care practices from her home culture. Kaz is also a Lead Facilitator with the Community Organising Fellowship. 
Kaz | Lead Organiser | she/her
Emily | QLD Organiser | she/her
Emily studied politics and social change and has a background in grassroots activism. Living most of her life in FNQ, she is deeply passionate about First Nations Justice, Climate Justice and the collective capacity we have to create change.
Emily | QLD Organiser | she/her