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Adelaide Action Group

The Adelaide Action group is made of activists from all across the suburbs of Adelaide and beyond- all welcome! Last year we were having conversations in our communities about People not Polluters, rallying in solidarity with Traditional Owners against fracking in the NT and calling for greater climate action and this year we expanded to talk to people across SA and NT about protecting cultural heritage and climate and voting for a government who would legislate it! Now we gotta keep this new govt. honest! We're a friendly and social group, who love a good potluck dinner and a banner painting sesh too - come join our next event!

Upcoming events

Adelaide: Call to Action Recruitment

Tuesday 16 Aug 2022 at 5:30pm - 7pm
Mâché Coworking
With our new political landscape, have you been wondering how to bring everyday people together to hold the new government to account? GetUp is launching Call to Action, a training in Adelaide (and...

Adelaide Action Group