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Macquarie Online Community Meeting: Climate Action & the Election

Join local GetUp members like yourself, local climate groups and Clodagh from GetUp’s Climate Justice team to talk through how we can push for candidates and parties who will lead more strongly on climate this election.  

It’s going to be a close race in Macquarie. And voters in your area care about climate change. If we get organised and work together, we can engage voters in Macquarie and really make a difference.

That’s why we’re holding a local community meeting next week. Can you join like-minded local members, myself, and Serena from Macquarie Alliance on Sunday March 27th 6pm to talk about what we can do together this election?

March 27, 2022
6pm - 7:30pm
Online at 0000
Clodagh Schofield
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Will you come?