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Brisbane calling party: A critical opportunity to fight the corporate tax cuts

With the help of Pauline Hanson and the Centre Alliance Senators, the Turnbull Government just handed away over $140 billion in public funds – most of it to high income earners.

But it’s not over there. The Turnbull government wants to go one step further, and pass $80 billion in corporate tax cuts for big businesses next. 

Will they succeed? That could depend on the result of the Super Saturday by-elections, where Turnbull’s tax agenda will be in the public spotlight.  

So on Monday 23 July, we’re hitting the phones to have conversations with voters in critical by-election seats about how powerful their vote is, and to make sure they know where the parties stand. 

Can you join us on Monday 23 July to have conversations with voters in Longman?

It’ll be a fun time with great, passionate people — just bring your phone and a headset if you have one.

Hope you can make it!
July 23, 2018
6pm - 8pm
GetUp Brisbane Office
15 Lamington Street New Farm QLD Australia
New Farm, Queensland 4005
Caitlin Gordon-King ·

Will you come?