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Barton Letter Writing Party Tues Feb 11

We are living through one climate extreme after another. Scientists, fire chiefs and others gave years of warning but government has delivered very little in response.

Handwritten letters from local constituents are powerful because:

  • MPs care about the issues of concern to their local constituents, because their constituents can ultimately re-elect them or elect someone else if they’re unhappy about how they’re being represented.
  • MPs don’t receive many letters, so they take them seriously.
  • They know that a handwritten letter represents a greater level of commitment than an email and give them a greater reason to respond to your letter. Some MPs even go so far as to  call to provide a response.
  • They are more personal and memorable than emails.
Come along to our relaxed group of like minded people and support each other writing letters clearly explaining why more needs to be done to help Australians and the world avoid worsening climate disasters.

What:​ Letter Writing Party
When:​ 6.30pm Tuesday 11th February
Who:​ Friends welcome!
Bring: drinks, snacks and anything else you will need

Hope to see you there!
Ross and the Barton Team
February 11, 2020
6:30pm - 8:30pm
Ross's Place
8 Keith St
Earlwood, NSW 2206
Mark Rogers ·
Maria Moyle Kate Sayeg

Will you come?