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Barton Action Group Meeting September 2018

A Picnic

We need your help to plan a picnic event, including to design posters and distribute them in the community. 

Of course we would like you to later attend the picnic, to meet and share your ideas and experiences with like minded people.

Barton Action Group have a proud history of fighting for Getup values and need to be ready for the next election. Nothing is assured in these turbulent times, it takes a shared purpose to shape the society we want all Australians to live in.

Future to Fight For Campaign (F2F4)

Our surveys have shown strong support for the F2F4 policies, established some community priorities and listened to people sharing their stories, for example

  • Alice, a disability pensioner with the good fortune of an inherited home but no no funds for recreational activities and has to go without food at times to pay for medicines etc.
  • Mike, unemployed since losing his business due to ill health, very focused on managing his expenses and worried about affording a nursing home for his mother.
  • Name not supplied, life unravelled after an accident and now sleeps in his car.

The strong message from the community was
  • Parents should know that, no matter what their life circumstances, their children will have access to the early education and care they need to get the best start in life.
  • All education and retraining should be free, universal, and accessible throughout the entirety of a person’s life.
  • Access to stable, affordable housing - connected to public transport, schools, and good jobs - should be a non-negotiable government guarantee.

A Speaking Tour will be coming to Sydney Sydney Sat 17th November including two renowned international speakers. No details available yet but put it in your diaries.

TPP-11 Campaign has been suspended.

Labor’s surprising decision to support the Liberals and Nationals to enable the TPP-11 triggered Barton’s snap email campaign to Linda Burney MP but member’s support for the campaign has been poor and it is now suspended. More detail is in the link 

September 28, 2018
6:30pm - 8:30pm
Inner South West Development Organisation / Raine and Horne
Suite 1 11-13 Hartill-Law Avenue
Earlwood, New South Wales 2206
Mark Rogers · · 411140014

Will you come?