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Are you tired of getting frustrated by the senseless and dehumanising decision made by our elected representatives in our name. Do you want them to stop the inhuman treatment of refugees, privatisation, the erosion of safety net services offered to no/low income households and focus on preventing climate change and protecting our environment and way of life? Then join us for our first meeting and have your voice heard by the politicians so they finally make decisions that Australians want! By getting together with like minded people we can amplify our voice so they have to listen. Join us and take a stand.
January 12, 2018
6:30pm - 8pm
Sydney Community Forum offices
Suite 1 11-13 Hartill-Law Ave
Bardwell Park, NSW 2207
Suzi Talevska · · 0411507939
Gina Svolos Bronwyn Vost Russell White

Will you come?