Rethinking Our Economy: A Future to Fight For Viewing and Discussion Night

 For too long, political conversations in Australia have been dominated by vested interests, the for-profit press, the uninspiring, and the out of touch. 

In November, that changes.

 Future To Fight For is assembling some of the world’s brightest minds to launch bold solutions for the challenges we face right now, and to share ideas for a better future. 

The GetUp Hobart Action Group is presenting a video replay from The Future To Fight For tour by Steph Kelton, Becky Bond and Winnie Wong; all part of the Bernie Sanders 2016 Campaign plus  Osmond Chiu a Sydney based thinker, writer and left activist.

Come along to The Duke Hotel, at the upstairs function room, here in Hobart and hear some of the latest thinking on how to change our economy, to drive equity and fairness.  Meet others who are just as committed as you to drive change in Australia


November 29, 2018 at 6:30pm - 8:30pm


The Duke of Wellington Hotel
192 Macquarie Street Hobart
Hobart, Tasmania 7000


Martyn Summers · · 439258850


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Will you come?