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Climate Conversations Training

Effective conversations about climate change are critical to shifting public opinion and building the climate movement. In this training you'll learn some key ideas for how to have effective conversations in order to persuade or recruit people.

We'll cover key concepts including resonating, personal story, framing, and making a clear ask.

February 17, 2020
7pm - 9pm
online, NA NA
nicole read Felicia Huppert Leanne Tindal Helen Lyons-Riley Amy Ashman Sally Anand Jan Andrew Alex Nicolson Kelly Heffer Elinor Hasenfratz Lody Levy Kylie Hitchman Dee Carter Jo Connor Gregory See Petra Skoien Francoise Hobby Madeleine Lush Christie Wilson Wendy Farmer Tracey Martinovich Alice Blackwood Lynette Sinclair Ned Cutcher Andrew Maude Anne Pender Naomi Burke Kelly Heffer David Everett Meg Kirkman Bronwyn Sharman Grant Howard Therese O'Leary Vera Myronenko Robyn Hutchinson Murray Henman Fiona Muir James Perkins Nat Paulson matt ross Philippa Hambleton Diana Beere Peter Cohen Russell Chiffey carmela ferraro Ronan Mellin Genevieve Stewart zeeshan baig

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