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Bushfires and Climate Strategy Report Back

As unprecedented bushfires, dust storms and smoke grip the country, many people are waking up to the reality of climate change for the first time. And when they look to the Morrison government for support, safety and action - Morrison is nowhere to be seen. Amidst the grief and loss, many of us are angry and ready to act. That’s why we need a plan to ensure this moment is a turning point in our country’s history: when we decide to take real climate action to protect our lives, homes, wildlife and planet. 

Thanks to those who attended Wednesday’s meeting, we’ve incorporated volunteer feedback into our strategy and plan. We’ve also been busy filling in the blanks from the draft strategy we presented last week. In this online meeting, we’ll report back on the finalised strategy and tactics. 

We’ll also run through some concrete next steps for members ready to get involved in preparing the campaign for its February launch.

January 29, 2020
7pm - 9pm
online, NA NA
Mark Rogers Petrina Slaytor

Will you come?