Welcome to our zoom resources page. Zoom.us is a video conferencing tool we use to connect with each other online!

Here you can learn how to host great online meetings using zoom. 

Please watch the videos below and read our meeting cheat sheet and if you have any questions email takeaction@getup.org.au or call our tech support voicemail service 07 3358 9708 - we will be notified once you leave a voicemail, and will call you right back!

Click here to read our online meeting cheat sheet!


Click here for a detailed Zoom how to guide!


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Check out these short tutorials:

How to join a meeting
learn how to join a zoom meeting


Zoom meeting controls
learn about the controls in zoom

How to share your screen
learn how to share your screen to present to others in the meeting


Record your meeting
learn how to record your meeting so that others in your group can watch it later


How to Schedule a meeting 
for anyone hosting a meeting, learn how to schedule & invite people to that meeting.


How to Schedule a meeting (in outlook)
learn how to schedule your meeting using outlook


How to host a zoom webinar
learn how to host a webinar!