Why do we need GetUp action groups?

Why do we need GetUp action groups?


We’re entering a new era where people power is more important than ever. In its founding years, GetUp provided its 1 million members with opportunities to take action online and mobilise around critical moments.

Our next phase is about combining our movement's expertise in taking powerful online actions, and add in a game-changer -- cutting-edge tools to that enable everyday people to organise locally.

Here’s the plan: to give GetUp members the tools, training and resources to connect with other local members, and organise into GetUp Action Groups. Working together, we will build power in our communities, establish lasting local networks, win locally on nationally important issues, and forge the way forward to a more fair, just and flourishing Australia.

GetUp has a ten-year record of winning campaigns. And local action groups have an even longer track record of making citizen's voices matter. By combining the power of  organising with the power of mass digital campaigning, we can reshape the political landscape. No one's tried anything quite like this before.