What are some of the big issues in Longman

In these calls, you may talk to voters about a number of issues they care about. In our conversations so far, voters have been talking about:

  • Funding for the major hospital in the area - Caboolture Hospital
  • Infrastructure upgrades, including for the local Bruce Highway
  • What the Turnbull Government’s $80 billion tax handouts could be better spent on

About the candidates’ policies

On corporate tax:

  • The LNP want to cut the company tax rate by 5%, which would cost a total of $80 billion over the next decade.
  • The Labor Party oppose cutting the company tax rate, and support keeping the current corporate tax rate for big businesses.
  • The Greens oppose cutting the corporate tax rate, and support keeping the current corporate tax rate for all businesses.
  • Pauline Hanson’s One Nation has changed its position on corporate tax a number of times. Currently, her position is opposed, but she has said she may reconsider.

On health & hospitals:

  • The LNP cut $57 billion in hospital funding in 2014. Since then they’ve reversed $3 billion of those cuts, and slated at least $1 billion more as part of the 2018 budget. However, this still means billions have never been restored to our hospitals.
  • Labor have committed to reverse all the cuts to hospital funding up to 2020 to pre-2014 levels, which is around an extra $2 billion on top of what the LNP promised. They also announced $2.8 billion of funding on top of the LNP 2018 budget announcement.
  • The Greens support the full restoration of hospital funding
  • To our knowledge, One Nation has made no commitment regarding restoring hospital funding

On income tax:

  • The LNP have passed income tax cuts that make our tax system less fair, with 62% of the $140 billion tax cut going to the wealthiest 20% of the country.
  • The Labor Party have promised to repeal the parts of the Turnbull Government’s income tax cuts that disproportionately benefit high income earners.
  • The Greens would support repealing income tax cuts.
  • One Nation helped the Turnbull Government pass the changes to income tax in full.