Wentworth Community Calling

Join a calling party in person or online to contact Wentworth voters about the by-election!

The Wentworth by-election is almost upon us, and the seat has gone from one of the Liberals' safest to an absolute line-ball contest. Their regression on climate change could cost them the seat they've held for 60 years. We don't get many chances like this. This is our moment to make the Coalition pay an electoral penalty for climate inaction that could shock them to their core. 

We asked Wentworth members to share their thoughts on the upcoming election. More than 90% of people said climate change is their number one issue in this election. The voters of Wentworth agree - our exclusive polling shows climate change is the single most important issue to them. 

This is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate a severe electoral penalty for taking us backward on climate action - one that will send shockwaves through the Liberal party. Now we just have to make sure Wentworth voters show up and make it count on election day. 

Find a calling party near you or online to make sure Wentworth votes for climate action!

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