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Warringah Action Group - 4th Meeting

Happy New Year!

This meeting is to establish this year's SMART goals that we will work together on, to progress the causes we are passionate about.

2017 was a pivotal year. Let's set some goals to smash in 2018!

Parking is at a premium so car sharing is a great idea. Here's a link to our contact list so you can organise that (Password communicated in previous meetings to access it) otherwise reach out to Ruth, or to our SLACK channel.

We look forward to hearing what you want our team to achieve together.

Darren Hough
Warringah Action Group
January 21, 2018
3pm - 5pm
Darren Hough · · 424502559
Richard Walker Colleen O’brien Judy Pettersson Darren Hough Roger Dawson Julie Howard Ruth R

Will you come?