Volunteer at the National Hive!

Be part of the National Hive facilitation team!

We will need six to eight facilitators to run 1.5 hour workshops over the weekend on advanced organising skills. The objectives of all these workshops will be to work with action leaders on their successes and challenges in recruitment, retention, leadership development and facilitation and decision making in groups.

There are four organising streams across the weekend, and a total of six different workshops. These may change but currently the six different workshops are:

  1. Recruitment – conversations, entry points – circles of commitment
  2. Retention/orientation/building a healthy group
  3. Tasking and stepping leaders up
  4. Advanced conversation skills
  5. Facilitation
  6. Tactics orientated session – ph banking; visibility; MP focused actions; bird dogging; events

The GetUp organising team is working with Holly Hammond and India Prior from Plan to Win to develop these workshops. The content has been drawn from feedback from actions groups on what they’d like to see covered.

Most of your time during the event will be spent delivering your workshop, although there will be two to four facilitators free at any one time so you will have a chance to attend some extra sessions.

The workshop outlines will include exercises for drawing out group experience and learning, key material to get across. You’ll be provided with any additional handouts or materials.


  • Let me know ASAP if you’re interested, by sending a slack message to Ellen Roberts
  • Join a webinar in the first week of June, where you’ll get your workshop outline
  • In June: have a 1:1 coaching session with India from Plan to Win, when you will go over the workshop content and practice key sessions
  • Join a facilitators meeting on face to face on Friday 13th July at the venue

Essential skills and experience

  • Experience facilitating groups or workshops
  • Ability to provide a welcoming space for learning, encourage participation, and manage time well.
  • Understanding of popular education and ‘the spiral model’ (if you were a trainer at PowerUp and our lead up events you’ll have been introduced to the basics of this approach)
  • Participation in the GetUp Action Network


Transport Co-ordinator

  1. Develop a transport plan to ensure that people arriving via train, plane or car are able to get to the venue on time
  2. Publicise details of the transport plan via slack and the website
  3. Keep a spreadsheet of all event attendees with their transport information and ensure that attendeees are aware of their travel details
  4. Develop instructions for the bus drivers on where to do pick ups and drop offs
  5. Co-ordinate transport over the weekend, including instructing bus drivers and troubleshooting
  6. Member of Hive working group and logistics sub-group
  7. Time required: approx three hours per week from May, up to 20 hours in the three weeks leading up to the event


Catering Co-ordinator

  1. Work with the caterers in the lead up to the event to better understand their needs
  2. Recruit and manage a small team of volunteers who will:
    1. Assist with washing up and other kitchen tasks as required
    2. Advise attendees on when meal times begin and end
  3. Work with attendees from Newcastle and Sydney to bring plates, cutlery and crockery
  4. Time required: four hours prior to the event, two hours each day during the event


Registration Co-ordinator

  1. Prior to the event develop a registration process and materials (e.g. spreadsheet)
  2. Brief a team of volunteers who will person the registration desk on Friday evening and Saturday morning
  3. Time required: four hours prior to the event, two hours each day during the event


Resources Co-ordinator

  1. Work with the program team in the lead up to the event to develop a list of of stationery and other supplies needed for the workshops
  2. Arrange for the ordering and delivery of these materials to a convenient location in Newcastle or Sydney
  3. Recruit and manage a small team of volunteers who will
    1. Distribute resources to the workshop rooms at the start of the weekend
    2. Ensure that all workshop rooms are well stocked
    3. This will include briefing the team as necessary
  4. Time required: around ten hours in total prior to the event, up to three hours each day during the event (Saturday and Sunday)


Volunteer Co-ordinator

  1. Work in the lead up to the event to recruit a team of event volunteers via the Hive registration process
  2. Prior to the event, distribute volunteers to key roles across the catering, transport, registration and resources teams
  3. During the event, ensure that all teams have the volunteers that they need and re-distribute people as required
  4. Time required: around ten hours in total prior to the event, up to three hours each day during the event (Saturday and Sunday)


State Recruitment Co-ordinators (for Victoria, SA/WA)

  1. Track registrations from action groups in your State
  2. Contact action groups where less than three people are attending, provide information about the event and encourage attendance
  3. Troubleshoot with co-ordinators if too few or too many want to attend
  4. From 1st June, contact all action groups to confirm participation in the event
  5. Time required: approx two hours per week prior to the event, zero during the event