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Snap Meeting to stop the NEG!

It’s going down to the wire.

Victorian Labor are gearing up to decide whether to veto or wave through Turnbull’s dirty energy plan when Cabinet meets next week. That means we have just days to convince them to reject it.

Yesterday, media reported that Victorian Energy Minister, Lily D’Ambrosio, still has “major” concerns with the National Energy Guarantee (“NEG”), and is worried that “coal ideologues” and “climate sceptics” in the Turnbull government are still calling the shots. (Rein in sceptics or we’ll walk: Victoria’s ultimatum on energy scheme, The Guardian, 31 July 2018)

She’s right to be worried. But being worried isn’t enough -- the Victorian government needs to make it clear that they’ll vote down Turnbull’s NEG unless it delivers for the climate and clean energy.

Here’s the good news. Politicians take campaigning from concerned GetUp members extremely seriously -- especially when a state election is on the horizon.

RSVP to our online snap meeting to find out how we can stop the NEG.

Victorian Labor are making up their minds about the NEG right now, so we haven’t got long.

What: an online meting about how YOU can stop the NEG
When: 6-7pm Wednesday 1 August
Where: Online -- RSVP on the right of this page to get the link
August 01, 2018
6pm - 6:45pm
Online via zoom
From the comfort of your home
Collingwood, Vic 3066
Rhiannon Williams-Demmon
Kevin Brennan percy rogers sally Newell Estle Iskandar Margaret Anderson Ted Gibbons Brad Marsh Michael Staindl Rhiannon Williams-Demmon

Will you come?