GetUp Slack guidelines

There are a few simple ground rules for using the GetUp Volunteer Slack:

  1. Be respectful. The use of racist, sexist, homophobic or ableist language won’t be tolerated on Slack. Slack is a safe space and not the place for gossip or defamatory language.

  2. Be prudent. Do not use Slack to share confidential information relating to GetUp or its donors, partners or volunteers.

  3. Keep it relevant. Everyone will get the most out of the space if the discussion and info is relevant to the work of GetUp.

  4. Joining another group’s channel? This is a great idea if you are keen to get ideas for how to use Slack in your group. Just a few pieces of etiquette- be sure to introduce yourself when you join the group, don’t get involved in decision-making or take up too much airspace. Respect that this is the organising space of that group.

  5. Please don’t @channel unless it’s a big deal, because everybody in the channel will receive a notification!

  6. Please do not share another member’s private contact details, such as mobile phone number/email/address without their explicit permission.

No advertising or spam please.

Last updated 20/10/2017