Rhiannon Williams-Demmon - Tasmanian-Victorian Organiser


Hey there! I’m Rhiannon, I’m based in Melbourne supporting the Victorian and Tasmanian Action Groups.

As a teenager, I began taking note of the overwhelming inequalities in Australia and abroad. But I didn’t know what I could do about it. After years of letting frustrations bubble away, I was finally given some tools to make change.

Once I began connecting with my people in my community who felt just like I did, I felt that change was possible. My organising path has seen me all kinds of campaigns! One of my highlights was finding out we were part of making marriage equality a reality! Through organising, I’ve been able to volunteer and work alongside amazingly passionate people, and GetUp! is no different.

I’m so excited to our Action Group network to grow and learn together as we make change in Australia.

You can contact Rhi via takeaction@getup.org.au