Ray Yoshida - Lead Organiser


I work with the fantastic groups of QLD and Northern NSW. Home to some of our most colourful political characters, our largest coal export industry and no upper house, the Sunshine state is a key battleground and a vital place to build community power.

For me studying environmental science at ANU really hammered home the threat of climate change to the places and people we love. So I dived headfirst into a fossil fuel divestment campaign (the first of its kind in the country!) and since then I’ve spent the last 5 years organising with various grassroots groups around the country.

I love organising. There’s nothing better than connecting every day with others who have the same fire in their belly and a willingness to hold those with power to account. And I believe that through GetUp we can build a truly powerful progressive force in our politics.

You can contact the team via takeaction@getup.org.au