Power Callers Team

It's Final Friday!

Tonight we're joining the main campaign calling into Dickson, and then at 7:30pm AEST we'll switch to Power Calls into Pearce. 

Dickson Conversation Guide

Power Calls script - for Pearce

The Power Callers team has a special mission: call the voters who are most persuadable and lock in their commitment to voting out the hard right.

A lot is at stake. We need our best callers for this job. So we've invited our top 100 callers to join the Power Callers team. 

Our first week of Power Calling was a big success, with a persuasion rate 10 times the average compared to our regular calling campaign. 

It's now the final week of the campaign and we've got more work to do. Sign up for as many sessions as you can this week! 


All sessions are 6-8:45pm AEST and are on this Zoom code https://zoom.us/j/559-842-9860. There won't be a separate debrief at 9pm like last week. 

Electorate guide

You can find briefing guides for all our target electorates here: getup.org.au/call-resources