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Online #ThisCantWaitDebrief

After a massive 5 weeks for our Climate Story Squad, COP26 has wrapped up. 

With our help, over 2 million people have seen the #ThisCantWait 6.7 million times. 

We’ve also seen the general public judge Morrison's abysmal climate policy accurately: a “plan” without commitments to slash coal and gas pollution this decade isn’t a plan. With his approval ratings at their lowest since the 2019 bushfires, the upcoming election is shaping up to be one dominated by demands for climate justice. 

Come along to our #ThisCantWait debrief to hear what happened at the conference, celebrate our wins and what we’ve learned!

November 23, 2021
6pm - 7pm
Online via zoom
Melbourne, VIC 3071
Rhiannon ·
Janet Pfeifer Sarah English Michelle Wardley Linly Wang Lenore Harrigan Maria Scurrah Clifford Hosking Mark Rogers Peter Lindenmayer Neville Craig Cliff Leong Zohl De Ishtar James Butler Benedicte Henry Tiffany Ellis

Will you come?