Watch Josie's video - join an election calling team

This Federal Election we have a real chance to make Australia a fair, sustainable, and progressive country. Hard right politicians are wrecking our politics, blocking change for the better on the things we care about. That’s why GetUp members overwhelmingly voted to boot hard right politicians from parliament, and why everyday people across Australia are turning against them, even in seats they’ve held safely for many years.

We know that person-to-person conversations are the best way to change voters minds, and we've done the math. To unseat these hard-right MPs we need to have lots of conversations with voters in their electorates. One million in fact. And that's why we need you.

Join us by signing up to a GetUp Online Calling Team. You'll be joining GetUp members across Australia as they log on and talk with voters about the issues that matter. You'll receive an email with all the details you need to call from the comfort of your home. You'll also receive training and you'll have a team member on hand during calls for any questions you may have.

This election let's drive change for the better, one phone call at a time.

Check out a recording of our Introduction to Online Calling