Online Calling team


**Current of: 13/5/19

Report Back

Have a glass of sparkles. Do a fist pump. Dance around the room. OUR STREAM OF CALLING HAS CRACKED THE 100,000 CALLS MARK!

This week is going to be our biggest yet with RSVPs rocketing to over 200 for each calling session. This is likely to look like around 60-70 people in each session. Amazing work getting here and get set for a monster week.

Important updates

We are holding another super-charged online calling party this Wednesday night. If you are hosting Wednesday, gear up! If you are hosting Thursday or Friday, expect some new folk coming in after this event.

There is an extraordinary Friday evening calling party this week from 12-10.30pm. Tosca will be facilitating.

Some things to think about for hosting your parties this week-


  • Congratulating and farewelling your team


  • Reminding people in capital cities (all except Tas and NT) about election night party; there should be an email in their inboxes about it
  • There will be an enormous number of new people on the line- plan for this
  • Getting people to commit to more nights and/or staying on the line for the late calling shift are both still a high priority, keep pushing this at the end of calling parties
  • Some callers might be concerned that early voting is making our work redundant. We have checked the numbers and it is still only a small proportion of people who have voted early- our calls are absolutely still important. Check with your staff contact point if you have more questions about this.

What's Next?

Confirmation calling is more important than ever this week because of the sheer quantity of new signups. If you are unsure how you can support this, talk to your staff contact point.