Online Calling team


**Current of: 15/04/19

Report Back

Online calling teams have made a whopping 51,891 call attempts! We’ve got 5 weeks to hit our goal of 234, 000 calls. Let’s. Do. This.

Important updates

We are still calling into Dickson. So strap in for some more calls to voters about putting Dutton last. Dutton has been in the news recently regarding his meetings with Chinese billionaire Huang Xiangmo. Callers should avoid getting into xenophobic territory in relation to the meetings with Huang Xiangmo, instead highlighting that when it comes to doing his job, Peter Dutton is more than happy to help his mates with special favours. But when it comes to raising wages and properly funding our hospitals, he’s nowhere to be seen.

We just recruited around 200 new callers! Expect lots of newbies on your calling sessions, make ‘em welcome! We are also putting a lot of effort into making calls to these new sign-ups. If you don’t know about this and can help out, get in touch with your staff contact point.

What's Next?

Next week is Easter- all calling parties will be running as planned except for Sunday. If you are on the Sunday team, Emilie will be in touch with more info. Although we expect attendance to be a bit lower, we really can’t afford to miss a week!