MP/Senator Meeting Request letter

Dear Senator/MP name

I am writing on behalf of the xx GetUp Action Group to request a meeting to discuss the Electoral Funding and Disclosure Reform Bill which is currently before Federal Parliament.

I am concerned that this bill represents an attack on charities and civil society (including GetUp), under the pretense of curbing foreign influence on Australian politics.

The xx Action Group has been active on the issues of xx, and we have around xx members from the local community.

We’re concerned that the proposed legislation would stifle the rights of everyday people, like ourselves, to have a voice in our democracy.

The bill will not address the issues it was ostensibly created to solve, but would have significant negative impacts on civil society and impinge on the rights of everyday people to have a voice in our democracy.

We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this with you further at a day and time that is convenient.

Please contact me on xx to arrange a time to meet, or if there is anything else that I can help clarify.

We hope to meet with you soon.

Many thanks


[Name and address of constituent]