How to make Mobilisation Team recruitment calls at any time

Before you start, you may want to print our script we use when talking to members - you don't need to, but sometimes it can be hard to click between pages on the computer while also on the phone. You can always find the most up to date script here:

Here's a short video on how to make mobilisation calls at any time - instructions are listed below too. 

  1. First step, open this page: This page will show you all the events near the person you're talking to when they answer the phone. You need to use the Google Chrome web browser, available here if you don't have it.

  2. Next step, call 02 9160 0472. This is the only number you need to call - the GetUp dialler tool will connect you to GetUp members who are keen to get involved. Our friendly robot will talk to you for a moment on the phone, then read you out a number called a session code - a code that lets the webpage know that it’s you that’s calling.

  3. Enter the session code into This session code is only for you, and lets the webpage know to show details only for people you're on the phone to. If you hang up, you need to re-enter it. 

  4. When someone answers the phone, their name, and events near them come up on screen. You can RSVP them to their closest events by clicking the RSVP button. Magic! We've a matter of weeks till the election, so always ask people to join as many calling parties as they can.

  5. At the end of your call, don't hang up - our kind robot will ask you some questions about how the call went, and if they're able to join online calling parties. The numbers to put in to respond to the questions are at the bottom of our script.

Once you've joined a MobTeam session and are confident using the tech, you can make Mobilisation calls at any time. It's always better together though, so do be sure to join our regular sessions on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday here.

Finally, please join us on Slack, our messaging site, to talk with the rest of the team, and ask questions by clicking here