Hive milestones

These milestones are designed to help your group build capacity and get election ready. They are categorised into four broad themes: 

  1. Healthy groups
  2. Growing groups
  3. Election ready
  4. Digital skills

Under each of these themes are a series of milestones that your group can choose to adopt during the 10-12 week "Build the base phase" - ending on October 1. 

Use these milestones to help tune up your group, build its capacity and get ready for the Federal election. Any questions - don't hesitate to get in touch with your state support team or organiser. 

More background on milestones here

TEMPLATE: Post hive planning meeting agenda

Healthy groups milestones

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Growing groups milestones

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Election ready milestones

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Digital Skills milestones

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TEMPLATE Post Hive planning meeting agenda

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