Menzies Dog Walk Against Dog Whistling

For decades Kevin Andrews has incited bigotry, supporting the original citizenship test1 and beginning the racist rhetoric about African migrants.2

28 years of dog whistling is 28 years too many.

We need you to help prove that Kevin Andrews' views don’t represent Menzies, and that there is no room for racism in modern Australia.

And we’ve got a fun way to do it - a Dog Walk Against Dog Whistling!

Bring your furry pals - and your family and friends - for a walk through Ruffey Lake Park on Saturday morning. We’ll have games, snacks and banners!

By coming together we can unseat Kevin Andrews.

Dogs and voters alike, we can prove that bigotry in politics will cost seats in Parliament. 


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May 11, 2019 at 9am - 10am


To get full location details please RSVP to this event.
Victoria St Playground, Ruffey Lake Park
Doncaster East VIC 3109, VIC, Australia


Phoebe Hayman

Will you come?