John Price - member profile

I am concerned with climate issues for a few years now and was involved with a citizen climate lobby before joining up with GetUp because I like the way the GetUp movement is organised.  GetUp's principle of reclaiming democracy resonated with me as I feel strongly that citizen engagement with our government should be encouraged.  I am very persuaded that citizens should be active participants in democracy and policy creation, and GetUp gives members like me a good framework to be a part of that process and have my voice heard.


I am currently the lead coordinator of the Ipswich Action Group; we are deeply involved with the #StopAdani campaign and beginning to work on the campaign for Marriage Equality as well.  In our campaign efforts, we have set up market stalls to reach out to our local community, gone to meetings with our local MPs, and also hosted and made phone calls for the #StopAdani phone banks.  So if you live in the Ipswich area, and are interested in becoming a part of this movement, I will be delighted to have a chat and welcome you to the Ipswich Action Group.