Helen Kinniburgh - member profile

I first came across GetUp through an online campaign.  I had previously worked for CSIRO in their Database Production Group and had access to a lot of information on climate change, so I was very disturbed by the dismantling of carbon reduction measures by the government.  


I had handed out how to vote cards for GetUp during the 2015 Queensland State Election, was a part of the GetUp Reef campaign.  I had also called voters and went door-knocking during the 2016 Federal Election, which I had found to be an exciting and compelling way to connect with people and getting our message across.  When GetUp started the local action group movement, I jumped at the chance to join the Southside Action Group here in Brisbane.  Not only has GetUp given our action group a robust framework to give our local MPs the push to do the right thing, but it has also allowed us to own our initiatives.  In a time when One Nation is gaining more influence and the coal mining industry is still exerting their power on our government, it is of vital importance that we get active as citizens in the democratic process.