Gabi Duigu - member profile

I first became aware of GetUp during the 2007 federal election. The thrill of participating in political action beyond marches was fantastic. My participation died down a bit after that but when, as an initially reluctant 70-year-old, I joined Facebook a whole new level of engagement opened up.

I wasn’t a hands-on activist type. But then GetUp put a call out for front-desk volunteers for one day a week. Once I was committed to that, it felt necessary to pluck up my courage and host an Election GetTogether at my local cafe in the run up to the 2016 federal election. Next came the odd video appearance and I even made a few phone calls into Bass to kick Nikolic out of Parliament.

I’m now very involved with the North Sydney Action Group, I’m signing up for more actions, and even more phone calling. Throughout all this, I have been lucky enough to find a whole new network of marvellously interesting, like-minded and committed people. However dire the political news, I have found myself energised, rejuvenated, motivated — happy. As I sign up for more actions, the conviction grows that we can actually win.

North Sydney Action Group Member