Meet Shaun - Senior Organiser NSW

Meet Shaun - Senior Organiser NSW


Shaun.pngI’m Shaun and my role is NSW Community Organiser for GetUp. I work with volunteers primarily in Sydney, but soon that work will be expanding to encompass more of NSW. I taught music for 17 years in Melbourne until a political awakening about climate justice drew me out of my comfortable life and set me on a new life trajectory.

For the last ten years, I’ve been campaigning for climate justice with a range of organisations in Victoria, Queensland and NSW, and I’ve been working as a Community Organiser for GetUp for the last year.

What I love about GetUp and our collective vision for the future, is that we’re striving to transform politics and society to be far more just, and to confront the unfolding environmental crisis that we face. And GetUp as a movement is increasingly up for doing the difficult thing that needs to be done — from cold-calling people on the other side of the country to physically intervening to prevent injustice from going unchallenged. This is a movement that inspires me.

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