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Time’s up, Labor: protect Country and our climate

Labor's biggest event is coming to Meanjin/Brisbane - The Labor Party Conference. This is a rare opportunity where high ranking ALP members who call the shots on future party policies will all be in the one place. Despite being elected on a mandate for climate over a year ago, the ALP has been approving fossil fuel expansion - against the wishes of Traditional Owners. 

So, we’ll be there in numbers to tell Labor that time’s up on their inaction and that they must protect Country and our climate. 

We’re working closely with movement allies like AYCC, ACF, Lock the Gate, and more to make this an inspiring and powerful event with speeches from First Nations peoples and climate leaders. If there are enough of us boldly calling to protect Country outside the conference, we’ll create enough waves so that fossil fuels and climate solutions are on the agenda inside.

Will you join us?


August 17, 2023
8am - 10am
Brisbane Convention Centre
Deborah Sandy Mon Werkhoven Scotia Monkivitch Eric Von Nida Caron Menashe Josephine Whiting Deborah Knott Terence O'Hanlon Larissa Baldwin Brendon Donohue Cassie Lewis Brenda Goldie Bronwen Owen Darryl Nelson Beth Charleston Diana Beere James Butler Peta Maidens Frank Box Susan Das Doris Norton Bob Russell Una Sandeman Jan Hawke Rachel Sandstrom Emily Davis

Will you come?