Growing groups milestones resources

These milestones are about helping grow the size of your group.

The first step is to choose which aspect of your group you want to grow. Aspects of your groups are:

Once you have run through the mapping process (below) and decided which aspects of you want to grow - you can use these tools to help you grow your group. 

Background on the aspects of your groups ca be found here:

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On this page you will find 5 tools:

  1. Set a growth goal - mapping your group: Identify which circle you would like to grow over the next ten weeks
  2. Engaging more active members: Have a best practice Get Together event
  3. Learn your strengths and weaknesses: Call 30 leads in Action Centre. Find out what would motivate them to get involved in your Action Group, and what’s stopping them.
  4. COMING SOON! Building the core: Identify 2-3 new leaders to step up into temporary roles, to be reviewed at the end of the organising phase and have a ‘one on one’ meeting with them
  5. Supercharge Growth: Use our Network best practice guide to run a supercharged recruitment calling party, from start to finish!