GetUp Volunteer Independence Policy

At GetUp, we are fiercely Independent (issues-based, non-partisan, member-driven). This independence is critical for speaking truth to power and holding political parties and politicians of all persuasions to account. It is therefore essential that all GetUp employees and volunteers are, and are seen to be, politically independent.

This policy is designed to ensure that volunteer activities do not compromise the fierce independence of GetUp, and this independence is reflected in all direct and indirect communications between GetUp volunteers and political parties, MPs, Senators, and all candidates (including independents).

All volunteers are expected to follow this policy.

Political Candidates, Party Office Bearers and GetUp Action Groups

GetUp Action Groups are member-led, electorate based groups. Groups are encouraged to structure themselves around five leadership roles: Coordinator, Secretary, Campaigns Coordinator, Training Coordinator and Organising Coordinator.

While many GetUp members are also members of a wide variety of political parties, if GetUp volunteers are also party candidates (or Independent or elected representatives) or party office (or Independent) bearers or employees, there may be a perceived conflict of interest.

In order to preserve the non-partisan nature of GetUp Action Groups, we ask all Action Group members to abide by the following policies:

  • Political candidates, MPs or Councillors, including independents, are prohibited from participating in GetUp Action Groups (and using associated systems) for the period of their candidacy or while they hold office.
  • Party and Independent office bearers and employees are prohibited from participating in GetUp Action Groups (and using associated systems), for the length of time they hold office or employment.
  • Under no circumstances should candidates, elected representatives, office bearers or employees use GetUp Action Groups or their systems, platforms or events to promote or recruit for events or activities, or fundraise. This includes events relating to the campaigns of independents.

Party political campaigns

At no times does GetUp, including GetUp Action Groups, collaborate with parties or candidates. This means:

  • We do not give or receive direction from a party or candidates as to what to campaign on, how to campaign or where to campaign.
  • We do not assist parties or candidates in their own election campaigning, including but not limited to their election day campaign plans, logistics and How-To-Vote cards.
  • We do not offer suggestions, assistance or other support to assist a political party or candidate generally.
  • Engaging with parties and candidates on GetUp issues is permitted - however this excludes offering suggestions, assistance or other support to assist a political party or candidate.

GetUp asks that our volunteers, when acting in their role as a GetUp volunteer, do not express:

  • Displays of partisanship;
  • Commentary on individual politicians or party officials except as it relates to issues;
  • Views that contradict the views or policy positions of GetUp; and
  • Opinions on political matters that GetUp does not have a position on without first checking with the relevant State Organiser.

Communication with Members of Parliament or Party Officials

If you are communicating with a Member of Parliament, their staffers or any party officials (including Independent or minor party MPs or candidates and/or anyone holding an office bearing position in a political party), please let your State Organiser know.

We encourage action groups to develop and maintain relationships with their MPs but any communications should be in line with this policy on independence.


We have also published this Statement of Independence to ensure everyone knows where we stand: