GetUp Action Network Principles

The below principles guide how GetUp Action Groups operate. 

  1. We are a network.We work together, share resources and share responsibility for achieving the goals of the network.

  2. We come together around key campaigns and moments to maximise our impact.

  3. We use all kinds of tools at our disposal, and we are willing to be disruptive if we need to be.

  4. We are multi-issue, meaning we work on a breadth of progressive, national issues, and are never limited by issue silos.

  5. We are non-party aligned. Our movement’s only allegiances are to our issues, our values and each other. Multi-party support of our policies is our ultimate goal.

  6. Where possible, we plan in advance - but we are also nimble and we can pivot faster than anyone into critical moments when we can have impact. We are a low bureaucracy, flexible network.

  7. We all come to this movement with stories, and know that stories are the key to changing hearts and minds. We make sure every Australian can engage with political issues that matter through vibrant, authentic storytelling.

  8. We value structure and roles - people work most effectively and have the most impact when they have clear responsibilities.

  9. We are a diverse network and will work actively to build inclusive, fun and welcoming groups built on mutual respect.

  10. We value action learning - meaning we are in a constant cycle of learning from what we do, reflecting and planning for the next actions we take. We experiment often, test always, and consciously learn.

  11. We innovate with technology and media, to connect our movement and scale our impact.