GetUp Action Network Calling


**Current of: 15/04/19

Report Back

The numbers keep climbing!! As of this week we are at  80,539 calls!! It is so great to see RSVPs at parties on the rise and to see people really focusing on recruitment. Shout outs to:

  • The Wills Action Group who had 4 members on recruitment calls this weekend, calling for 4 hours! Especially Deanna, who hadn’t done recruitment calls before and absolutely smashed it!
  • The Canberra and Brisbane Metro Action Groups whose average calling party length is over 85 min! So great to see that passion in action.
  • The Southern Adelaide AG who has had the largest AG calling party yet, with 18 people calling!! Nice work team!

Important updates

We have a new Calling Party Guide/Agenda: The new agenda has extra tips on how to ensure people come along, how to get the best calls, and how to make sure we still have fun! Including calling bingo! Make sure you are using this new agenda for your calling parties.

What's Next?

Now we have a date we can really get to work making sure our plans! So this week we want to make sure that all our calling parties have a host and a venue locked in! The gold standard is to have 3 calling parties a week in the last two weeks of the election. We need to make sure we have enough parties planned to absorb the amazing number of volunteers we know are going to come flooding through our doors!

Recruit Recruit Recruit

You have probably heard the latest - we have so many calling parties planned, but we need more people there. Each Action Group needs to have members who are making weekly recruitment calls. Here are this week's events: