GetUp Action Network Calling


**Current of: 13/05/19

Report Back

The GetUp Action Network is absolutely playing an incredible role this election!!! As a network we have now made 167,828 calls!! That is an incredible testament to how committed, capable and incredible our Action Groups are!


With 5 days left we want to make every moment count! Call for a little bit longer, stay back and make some calls into Pearce in WA after 830pm if you can. If your Action Groups has 3 events on, but you have 4 nights free, join us online.


Make sure that on election day, you can put your feet up and know that, no matter what the outcome, you made a difference and made every effort to change our politics in a way it hasn’t been done before!

What's Next?

Confirmation calling is more important than ever this week, to make sure that we get as many people who are keen along as possible. If you notice there are people who normally come along who aren't signed up, give them a call and make sure they know about what is on this week :) we don't want them to miss out!

Thanks SO much team - we are really close now, keep up the amazing work!