Federal Election Calling - Weekly Updates Mon 29 April

**Current of: 13/5/19

Total calls made: 508,685

WOW! Let’s say that again - we have made 508 685 calls! Thank you for all the amazing work so far! We're into the final week! We've made a HUGE number of calls in the past week, and we've got a massive week ahead of us.

Script changes:

We've updated the scripts, call outcome codes, and electorate resources to take us into the final stretch. The scripts now include more explicit issue-questions, and prompt people to identify whether they've already voted. We've also got new disposition codes for people who have voted, and political instability has been added as an issue code.

You can see all the updated resources here:https://action.getup.org.au/community_calling

The electorate resources have also been updated to give callers more information up front on the key issues, and restructured to make them easier to read. We've also added in some Q&A answers around voters saying they'll vote for right-wing populists, and also on negative gearing and franking credits. These should be the final updates to scripts and call resources, but make sure you reprint before calling tonight.

Election Parties!

Whatever happens this week, our election effort for 2019 has been HUGE! We want to say thank you for making this election campaign our biggest and most impactful ever!


Whether you helped make phone calls, knocked on doors, handed out how-to-vote cards, or chipped-in to the campaign, please join us on election evening to meet other GetUp volunteers and staff, hear stories from the campaign and watch initial counts come into the tally room.


RSVP is essential so catering can be organised, so please let us know if you can come.You can see where our celebrations are here:



**Current of: 13/5/19

Report Back

Have a glass of sparkles. Do a fist pump. Dance around the room. OUR STREAM OF CALLING HAS CRACKED THE 100,000 CALLS MARK!

This week is going to be our biggest yet with RSVPs rocketing to over 200 for each calling session. This is likely to look like around 60-70 people in each session. Amazing work getting here and get set for a monster week.

Important updates

We are holding another super-charged online calling party this Wednesday night. If you are hosting Wednesday, gear up! If you are hosting Thursday or Friday, expect some new folk coming in after this event.

There is an extraordinary Friday evening calling party this week from 12-10.30pm. Tosca will be facilitating.

Some things to think about for hosting your parties this week-


  • Congratulating and farewelling your team


  • Reminding people in capital cities (all except Tas and NT) about election night party; there should be an email in their inboxes about it
  • There will be an enormous number of new people on the line- plan for this
  • Getting people to commit to more nights and/or staying on the line for the late calling shift are both still a high priority, keep pushing this at the end of calling parties
  • Some callers might be concerned that early voting is making our work redundant. We have checked the numbers and it is still only a small proportion of people who have voted early- our calls are absolutely still important. Check with your staff contact point if you have more questions about this.

What's Next?

Confirmation calling is more important than ever this week because of the sheer quantity of new signups. If you are unsure how you can support this, talk to your staff contact point.

**Current of: 29/04/19

Report Back

Our hosts from the third wave of barnstorms are doing a great job with their parties! What’s more, throughout last week all parties on a given day began calling into the same electorate, on a rotating basis. People did a great job adjusting to the new conversation guide.

We’ve got to increase attendance and the length of our calling shifts if we’re to reach out goals. Mobilising callers to attend as many parties as possible between now and the election is a top priority!

Important updates

There is now one calling conversation guide for all parties across Australia. Although SA and WA parties will continue to only call into Boothby and Pearce respectively, everyone should be using the new guide as it will be the only one to contain important updates. Find everything you need here: https://www.getup.org.au/call

What's Next?

Help us maximise the number of guests at each calling party! Sign up to some mobilisation calling sessions here: https://action.getup.org.au/mobteam


**Current of: 13/05/19

Report Back

The GetUp Action Network is absolutely playing an incredible role this election!!! As a network we have now made 167,828 calls!! That is an incredible testament to how committed, capable and incredible our Action Groups are!


With 5 days left we want to make every moment count! Call for a little bit longer, stay back and make some calls into Pearce in WA after 830pm if you can. If your Action Groups has 3 events on, but you have 4 nights free, join us online.


Make sure that on election day, you can put your feet up and know that, no matter what the outcome, you made a difference and made every effort to change our politics in a way it hasn’t been done before!

What's Next?

Confirmation calling is more important than ever this week, to make sure that we get as many people who are keen along as possible. If you notice there are people who normally come along who aren't signed up, give them a call and make sure they know about what is on this week :) we don't want them to miss out!

Thanks SO much team - we are really close now, keep up the amazing work!

Still have questions? Email: