Join the campaign to stop Peter Dutton!

Peter Dutton may be powerful in Canberra. But in his electorate of Dickson in outer Brisbane, Dutton is fighting for his political life.image_19109_full.jpg

Hanging on by a margin of only 1.7%, Dutton runs a real risk of losing his seat at the next election. And if voters on his own home turf look set to boot him out, it's hard for him to argue that he deserves to be the next Prime Minister.

The best way for us to take on Dutton is to ramp up our efforts to defeat him at the ballot box. And to do that, we need thousands more people joining the people-powered effort.

Join an event near you - they're happening around the country. At all these events you'll find other GetUp members who are working to take action together, to rid Australia of the influence of the hard right who are holding our country back.


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