Doorknock Recruitment Calls - SPECIAL MEDIA EVENT! Tues Mar 26th

We are going to be making calls to recruit people to door knocks around Dickson! 

As door knocking is one of our most vital tactics to booting out Peter Dutton - our task of recruiting those doorknockers and getting them excited to have powerful, persuasive conversations, is extremely important to us winning!

This night is a special night because we will have media present who want to film our campaign to kick out Peter Dutton! So wear your best GetUp shirts, and failing that, some orange, and failing that, a big old smile!

Hope to see you there.


March 26, 2019 at 6pm - 8pm


GetUp New Farm Office
3 15 Lamington Street New Farm QLD Australia
New Farm, Queensland 4005


James Sanewski ·


Susan Margaret

Will you come?