Door-knocking Leaders 6 week plan briefing!

Hi team!

The election is fast approaching, and looking increasingly likely to be just 6.5 weeks from now. It's well and truly go time!

For this fortnight's meeting, the main objective is to present the 6 week plan to the team, such that everyone feels really clear about their role in the recruitment events and other tactics from now 'til election!

We'll run through the plan for the recruitment events, nailing the new door-knockers' experience and what the last 5 weeks of events look like! 

We'll then share any feedback and make any changes or last decisions needed, before finishing up with a drink at the pub down the road!

This is a really important briefing and event for our team as we head towards the end goal, so let's do this thing! <3 


April 03, 2019 at 6pm - 8pm


GetUp Brisbane Office
15 Lamington Street New Farm QLD Australia
New Farm, Queensland 4005


Caitlin Gordon-King


Kathleen Kerwin David Leikvold Stewart OBrien

Will you come?