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Stand up to Dutton Barnstorm

We’ve narrowly dodged a Peter Dutton Prime Ministership — but this stomach-churning ride isn’t over.

These past weeks have made it clear that Dutton and his hard-right cronies have a stranglehold on our politics — and they’re not going to back down.

They’ll be looking down the line at the next opportunity to install Peter Dutton as the PM or party leader. That’s unless we can ditch Dutton’s toxic presence in Parliament for good.

And nobody is better placed to cast Dutton out than those of us living in and around Brisbane, right near or in his electorate of Dickson. That’s why we need as many people in Brisbane as possible to stand up.

Join us at the Stand Up to Dutton Brisbane Barnstorm, where you’ll hear about urgent leadership opportunities and learn what you can do in the inspiring on the ground campaign to remove Dutton’s toxic politics for good. You’ll also be trained up in how to have persuasive conversations with voters in Dutton’s electorate of Dickson. 

For newcomers, we’ll share the latest analysis on the political situation in Canberra. And, of course, there’ll be plenty of time to mingle, get to know one another, and have a nibble.

Authorised by Ellen Roberts, GetUp Limited, New Farm

September 16, 2018
1pm - 2:30pm
132A Boundary St
West End, Queensland 4101
Ellen Roberts · · 408583694
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Will you come?