Delivering 100% renewable, affordable energy to every household in Australia with Ric Brazzale

Like many Australians you may be excited about clean energy. With prices falling dramatically we should be able to look forward to lower energy bills, and lower pollution. However we all know that the big energy retailers are making huge margins. Right now our energy system is being used as a political football by politicians that can’t seem to look past their gospel of coal and refuse to take any action to protect our climate.

GetUp has a vision that every household in Australia should have enough energy to keep the lights on, the food fresh and we should all be able to enjoy a hot shower without struggling. And have a free connection to an energy system that is set up for the benefit of Australians, not the big end of town.

Our speaker, Ric Brazzale, is from Green Energy Markets, who prepares GetUp’s monthly Renewable Energy Index. Ric is highly qualified to answer your questions about getting to 100% clean energy, and how our energy system and the grid is transforming.

Come to our event on the Household Clean Energy Guarantee, part of GetUp’s "Future To Fight For" to learn and help shape our vision of how our energy system could work for all of us. Australia deserves an energy system which benefits home owners and renters alike - including public investment in clean energy generation, a public interest energy retailer and a free basic supply of electricity.


September 19, 2018 at 6:45pm - 8:30pm


To get full location details please RSVP to this event.
Hawthorn Library, Room: Hawthorn 3 & 4
Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia


Miron Mizrahi

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