Decentralised Calling Team


**Current of: 29/04/19

Report Back

Our hosts from the third wave of barnstorms are doing a great job with their parties! What’s more, throughout last week all parties on a given day began calling into the same electorate, on a rotating basis. People did a great job adjusting to the new conversation guide.

We’ve got to increase attendance and the length of our calling shifts if we’re to reach out goals. Mobilising callers to attend as many parties as possible between now and the election is a top priority!

Important updates

There is now one calling conversation guide for all parties across Australia. Although SA and WA parties will continue to only call into Boothby and Pearce respectively, everyone should be using the new guide as it will be the only one to contain important updates. Find everything you need here:

What's Next?

Help us maximise the number of guests at each calling party! Sign up to some mobilisation calling sessions here: