Federal Election Launch - Canberra

Join us at our Election Launch to find out how you can help kick the hard right wreckers out of our Parliament.

Hard right politicians are blocking progress on all the things we care about. But if we can take away their influence, we'll change what's possible in our politics. 

Australia can become a world leader on renewable energy. We can create a fairer society for all. We can make the ABC bigger and better. But we need to start now.

Will you join us to launch our Federal Election campaign in Canberra?

Please share this event and invite your neighbours to come along too!



February 06, 2019 at 7pm - 8:30pm


Hughes Community Centre
2 Wisdom Street Hughes
Canberra, ACT 2605




John Collins Diana Sima Thomas Spoor Ann Kent Kerry Scarlett Adam Bell Dan Nahum Jeanette Anderson Veronica Wright Michael James Paul Philip David Arnold Tina Bain Danny Corvini Ben Paterson Susan Davidson Fiona Barons Francis Mahanay Michael Sassella Robert Henderson Johanna McBride Kay de Vogel Robyn Craig David Slater Alex Kastell Georg Weiller James Gralton peta stamell Rebecca Reay Peter Carden Jayne Weepers Bryn Leivesley Megan Churley Carol Kelly Paula Henriksen Emma Davidson rachel routley Matt Burgess Patt Wilkins Annie Sorell David Milne Kath Mackie Penelope Moyes Tad Dufelmeier Kerry Sattler Paul & Betty Meyer Judith Anderson Thomas White

Will you come?