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Barton: By invitation only, core post election planning 16 Jun 22

Next step is to move forward discussing local campaign options and the search for more core members to strengthen our community connections.
I am ok for an initial zoom tomorrow (thurs) evening, say 6.30, to get the ball rolling. Please let me know if you expect to be available, am out all day but can send zoom details this evening.
As before, my initial campaign options to start discussions rolling were:
  • Health Justice

  • Climate Justice

  • Human Rights incl refugees

  • First Nations Justice incl cultural heritage protection

  • Anti Disinformation (incl #ThisCantWait)

  • related NSW government campaigns (NSW election in March 2023)

  • related Local government campaigns

  • building toward next Banks by election/election

  • Formalising information on community influencer

Barton members who stepped up to be involved in the election campaign are good prospects for engagement in our future campaigns, numbers follow and I expect quite a few members will appear in more than one count:

Staff recruitment from the 556 barton members who currently accept emails:


  • 53 rsvps to the initial election launch

  • 11 booth volunteers

  • 25 calling volunteers

  • 12 poster/leaflet volunteers

  • 1 kitchen table host

  • 9 Barton Street Stall Team, (recruited by Barton)

Roles I am aware of but may have understated numbers

  • Support for campaign text outs via Spoke software 1 (+ 1 trained ready for future)

  • Support for Tele Town halls 2

  • Polling Booth rostering 1

Changes to Lower House Voting Process to a proportional representation system where parties can expect to receive about the same percentage of seats as they get in votes
Benefits include better representation and less pork barrelling
A sleeper topic (of mine) that may now be possible with the 2022 election outcome. I have shared this with staff who may have feedback on whether we can campaign with GetUp's profile and with GetUp's member list on this topic.
Found a wonderful contemporary UNSW document, link is below
In summary,the  lower house retains preferential voting and  govt moves lower house from single member divisions (electorates) to multi member divisions.
"In the proportional representation system, parties can expect to receive about the same percentage of seats as they get in votes."
"To align the electoral system with modern political developments and to standardise voting for both houses of parliament, the Albanese government could consider introducing a form of proportional representation for the elections to the House of Representatives based on multi-member divisions and representation in proportion to the support of groups, parties and independents in each division."
I have long believed this is the way to move Australia from its colonial system (albeit advanced at the time with preferential voting) to catch up with democracies in Western Europe. New Zealand has already made the transition.
Barton has been fairly invisible to its members during the election and this could be a strong relaunch with a petition in Linda Burney's barton electorate recommending consideration. 
Need to think how to publicise to members outside barton and clearly David Coleman would be hostile as a coalition MP. Not sure how teal independants would see it but not a concern in our catchment?
My thinking is we run regular core zooms to organise and restart face to face social events, maybe kitchen table meetings to gather community views in cafes?


Overall, this is an informal event. 

Surround yourself with whatever drinks, snacks or food you fancy and let us grow our community's people power for a fairer future.

I will be there about 15 minutes early to help with any fine tuning of your zoom or connection issues (NOT THIS TIME) 

What: GetUp Barton Action Group campaign launch
When: Thursday 16th January, 6:30pm - 7.00pm but I am ok to keep chatting for another hour 
Where: Online - please rsvp for the Zoom details (texted out this time)
Bring: Drinks and snacks  for a relaxing evening

Contact: Mark at [email protected] with any questions,

Looking forward to seeing you online,
Mark Rogers,

Coordinator of the Barton Teams
including Bayside, Banks, Canterbury Bankstown and Georges River areas.

We acknowledge that we meet and work on the land of the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation. We  pay respect to their elders and acknowledge the important role Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people continue to play within Australia and the GetUp community.

June 16, 2022
6:30pm - 8:30pm
Online zoom
Sydney, NSW
Mark Rogers ·

Will you come?