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Barton Calling Party July 2018

Attend a local calling party where beginners can observe then make calls if they are comfortable, and finally chat over (BYO) refreshments and some snacks (to share).

Exchange stories of our successes and share your ideas  amongst members.

What is a calling party?
Calling parties are an excellent way to have a tangible impact on an issue you feel passionately about. You’ll be having real conversations with people over the phone as a volunteer with GetUp!

This survey is about speaking with people from the Dickson electorate in Queensland about what the issues they care most about.

GetUp! will then use those answers to plan the most impactful Dickson election campaign with the aim of unseating Minister for Immigration and Home Affairs, Peter Dutton in the next federal election.

The election could be very soon, so we need to start now.

Getup's cutting-edge calling software covers call costs (if you wish) and keeps your mobile number secure.

What happens at a calling party?
We’ll start the evening with an explainer and you will be given a conversation guide to use and all the technical details you’ll need. A more experienced caller will make some calls in front of you so you can get the idea and then if you feel ready you can make your own calls (you can take breaks whenever you like).

There will be someone you can ask questions to at any time throughout the night.  Finish calls around 7:30 pm, we will have a debrief where we come back together and share our experiences to learn from one another, then relax with like minded people.

Why do we want to unseat Dutton?
Peter Dutton, the MP for Dickson, is Minister for Immigration and Home Affairs, Former Minister for Health

Key figure in the hard right of the Liberal Party

Peter Dutton stands against so many things that we, as Getup members, care about — from refugee and migrant rights to citizen privacy.

You can learn more about the Dickson community survey campaign here:
July 05, 2018
6pm - 8:30pm
213 Homer St
Earlwood, New South Wales 2206
Mark Rogers · · 411140014

Will you come?